Kristen Baskin

So much of what we throw away can be recycled or reused or converted into nutrient-rich soil for gardening. I meet with Kristen and learned about her business, Letuscompost, A brilliant company that will collect your compostables and deliver soil and mulch to gardeners. Check it out!

Ian McFarlane

You can support Limited Perspective on Patreon In this episode I’m hanging out with photographer and artist Ian McFarlane. He’s been at it for about 30 years. We talk about the days before digital and the difference between making art, and creating commercial images for a client. But there’s more, so you have to listen. We are joined by his dog Daisy who for most of the hour was a very good girl! This was time well spent. I think you’ll get in to it. this one will be out March 14. Ian McFarlane Please rate and review

E. M. Watson and Justin Daniel

Great talk with Estebon and Justin! E. M. shared his personal story of a near death experience and overcoming adversity. They also share a few stories about his latest projects in music and film and a little philosophy on how to maintain, move forward and build community in the entertainment industry. full talk here

White Castle EP

Live show